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PenPal World does the work for you

With PenPal World you can find as many pen pals as you want from the comfort of your home! Simply sign up and start searching for members all over the world. If you receive a message you'll be conveniently notified at your e-mail address.

More than 2,800,000 members

PenPal World has more than 2,800,000 members from all around the world and it's growing fast. As a member, you'll be able to write to any of the members. PenPal World's web site is available 24 hours a day and makes finding pen pals simple and convenient.


PenPal World offers a limited FREE account that allows you to contact and reply to up to 3 members within 24 hours. PenPal World also offers a very low-cost VIP membership starting, at 10 cents a day, that allows you to write to up to 50 members every single day.

Protecting our member's privacy

We do not sell or rent out any information you submit to this site.

We do not show your e-mail address (like some other penpal websites do). The Penpal World system is set up so that you can message with people entirely through our site without ever revealing an e-mail address. We do show your age, gender, and country, because other members are very interested in that and use that information to chose penpals. However, we do not show your birthday, and other information such as state/province, city, or relationship status is optional.

Our member's privacy is our #1 priority. While other similar pen pal websites are showing lots of member's personal information, like their e-mail addresses, PenPal World does not. In fact, within a member's profile all we show is that member's age (not birthday), gender, and country. All other information, like state/province, city, or relationship status, are optional.

We also review every new and updated profile picture before it's shown. That way we can filter out inappropriate ones.


Every social network website deals with the Nigerian scam. At PenPal World we deal with this issue in a very agressive way keeping our service as clean as possible. Members have the opportunity to easily report suspicious accounts with a click of their mouse. Also in the background several features are running to catch them before they can do any damage.

Getting Started

To get started with your profile, simply go and sign up and complete PenPal World's simple sign up process. We'll only ask for your e-mail address, birthday, and gender. Once signed up, you'll be able to use your account immediately.


You can easily cancel your membership anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees.

About PenPal World

PenPal World was born on February 1998 out of an idea of one person on a sleepless night. Since then it served almost 3 million members from every single country found on this planet. Alone in 2015 PenPal World served at total of 101,413,983 pages.